#SUPPORTYOURLOCALWe will go through this!

Dear coffee friends, thanks for supporting us during these difficult times and we hope that our beautiful coffees can bring you hope and enjoyment and help you to go through these dark times. We believe so!

While our coffee roastery and e-shop will continue operating as normal, we have a new timetable for our Cafe & Shop at Töölö, Mo-Fri: 12-18, Sat 11-15. You will continue to find here great drinks and beans, snacks and coffee equipments & accessories.
Hugs Mia & Juanca

#RESISTCAFFEINE#It is all about FREEDOM for the coffee lover

Join the movement of coffee lovers who want to exercise their rights to drink coffee anytime!

Visit our Coffee bar in Töölö

Design your espresso equipment!

Choose your dream espresso machine combo (espresso machine+grinder+kit) and enjoy discount prices!

We listen to the bean

Every bean has its own story and personality and listening what the bean wants to tell us is crucial for us to determine which roasting approach to follow.

We are a Nordic Latin coffee roastery that loves making great coffee for great people!

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