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White wine, green grapes, citrus


We are celebrating our 20th anniversary!

Since 2002 we have been immersed in a coffee adventure to promote speciality coffees while practicing ethical trade. Without having planned, we have become one of the oldest third-wave coffee roasteries in Finland.

We are very thankful to you for all your support on our activities. For as long as we can, we will continue working following our 3 drivers: 1) Love for coffee 2) Love for people 3) Lover for our Planet.


Save up to 20% OFF and save time by drinking great coffees periodically!

Inspiring life through a great cup of coffee

Every great cup of coffee carries and facilitates a great message, and that is what we strive for at Cafetoria.

Our Values

Great coffees for great people
Coffee is an amazing fruit, a demonstration of how complex, rich and beautiful our Universe is. It is perhaps that appreciation which drive us, sometimes with an utmost obsession, to roast and brew in a way that reflects this greatness.
On the search of the golden cup
We roast and brew great coffees for great people. We firmly believe that the purpose of a good coffee is to flavour the life of humankind with joy and excitement.
For a World with Hope
We delight working in an activity that allows people to dream for a better future and face all the challenges with joy. Through ethical coffee we are making this possible!
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Let's talk about coffee!

We offer different many type of coffee courses for coffee lovers and professionals.

Become a SCA certified Barista!

Life after decaf is great!

Our collection of organic decaf coffees are made by coffee lovers for coffee lovers. Join our movement of freedom to drink and enjoy a tasty cup without being restrictions.

Our Locations

Runeberginkatu 31
00100 Helsinki

Otaniementie 14
02150 Espoo


Lohjanharjuntie 1147
08500 Lohja

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