For special moments

Our goal is to create sincere and approachable food that is respectful towards the ingredients, the natural world and different cuisines. Us being multi-cultural, our creations are imaginative, personal and of course delicious.

Some of the things that we create!

Made in Aalto

Our kitchen in Aalto University is where we prepare and bake the tasty treats that you can enjoy in our Cafés at Töölö and Aalto University. 

Now you can enjoy the same delicious snacks at home or the office, just order them through our e-shop. We will prepare the order so that it is delivered to you on it’s peak flavour, just be sure to order 3 days in advance! Your order can be picked up from our two cafés, Cafetoria-Aalto and Cafetoria-Töölö during opening hours. 

Ordering a Catering service

How would you like to enjoy our fresh roasted artisan coffee and delicious treats at your gathering or party? Our catering services are mainly offered towards the Aalto community, but feel free to contact us even about events in Helsinki or Espoo, we will surely figure something out!

Our services are practical and approachable for any small to medium sized gatherings, where the priority is to have high quality food and drink.

Having a get-together? How can we help?

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