Cafetoria is committed to protecting your privacy and openly communicating all the information we collect on our site. This Privacy Statement tells you how we collect and process information when you visit our website and when purchasing our products.


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The collected data will be used for different purposes:

  • to produce, maintain and develop a functional and secure online service
  • to increase communication between Cafetoria and their customers
  • Promotion of offers to customers

Information collected

When you visit our website, we collect certain information about you, such as browser information, IP address, and cookie information. In addition, we collect information about the pages you are browsing. For example, we can show you interesting products and maintain e-commerce functionality (e.g. shopping cart). For orders, we collect information related to the order (products, delivery and billing information, payment information). In addition, we collect other customer information (e.g., login information, marketing information, personal favorites, Product Reviews, etc.).

We collect information with the following technologies:

Cookies are small text files that are sent by a website server and stored by your browser on your device when you use websites. Whenever you download a new page, your browser will at the same time send the cookies stored by the site to the site’s server.

Cookies are used to identify a user during a session from page loading to another. For example, Shopping Cart uses cookies.

Cookies are also used to track the use of the site statistically. Statistical data can be used to modify the content and structure of the pages so that the content is easier to find.

Files Log files are gathered, for example, for each page load on our site. The information to be collected includes the ip address, the time and the address of the site.

When you place an order through our webshop, we collect information about you for order delivery. These include
– name information
– address information
– phone number
– email address
– payment method
– purchased products
– purchase history
– billing address
– business ID

In addition, we collect other information you provide to improve our service to you:
– Product Reviews
– My Favorites
– Usage and Browsing Information
– Marketing Information

What is personal information used for?

We use the information we collect for the following uses:
– handling and delivery of orders
– customer service and maintaining customer relationships
– improving customer experience
– for statistical purposes
– detecting and preventing malpractice and fraud
– targeted marketing
– service development
– improving service security

Storage and protection of personal data

All personal information is protected from unauthorized access. Online store customer information is stored in Finland. The technical security of e-commerce is at a very high level and all our staff are trained to use the information properly and safely.

Your right to your own information

The EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you the right to see and process your personal information. If you are registered as a customer in our service, you will see your subscription history easily when you are logged in. You may wish to request a deletion or anonymisation of your account and data, provided that deletion is possible (for example, deletion of order information is not possible within a certain time limit due to regulatory requirements). In order to provide you with a copy of your personal information, we need to identify your customer first reliably so that the information does not fall into the wrong hands.

How long will the data be kept

Personal information is only retained for the time required to provide you with the services described in this privacy statement. We keep certain information for longer in order to fulfill our statutory obligations and provide a secure online service (such as accounting and consumer protection obligations, or service backups). All information is always kept properly protected.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

When visiting our website and ordering products from our online store, we provide certain information to third parties to enable and improve our service. All third parties are our selected partners and are committed to the same level of security as our company, in compliance with the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a data processor.

Examples of disclosure to third parties:

Search Engine
When searching for products on our site using the search box, we use an external search engine to display search results. In addition to search terms, the search engine provider collects ip addresses from its users.

Certain products are delivered direct from our wholesalers. In this case, we forward the order information (products, delivery address) to the merchant for the delivery of the products.

Payment Service
Providers When you pay for purchases in our online store, we use external payment providers to pay. Depending on the country of purchase, these are, for example, Paytrail and Paypal. Payment service providers are provided with information about the delivery address, the contents of the Shopping Cart, the total amount and the method of payment. The payment service provider uses this information to process the payment with the desired payment method. If you order products by credit, your personal ID will also be passed to the credit provider for a credit decision.

We will forward delivery information to your selected carrier for delivery of your order.

Billing and Accounting
Billing and accounting are managed by third-party software. These include information on invoice customers’ orders, delivery addresses and billing addresses, and account numbers for refund management.

Debt collection
We offer companies the opportunity to order products by invoice. When the invoices are due or when the debt is collected, we forward to the collection company information on the overdue invoice.