Save up to 20% when joining our subscription!

Let's move one step closer with our coffee subscription. Our subscription service is for everyone in love with great coffees and who appreciate our roastery’s flavour philosophy and our approach to ethical trade and sustainability.

Our coffee subscription allows you to enjoy our coffees at home or office with a minimal effort. You define the amount of coffee, the period of the subscription and the frequency of the shipment. We will take care that your orders are shipped to you as expected! We appreciate your trust in our coffees and that’s why we  have not only considered a better deal for you but also offer you some convenient shipping methods. Our subscription is at this moment offered within Finland only.

We have different subscription packages designed according to your interest/values/preferences. We are shipping the subscription orders on Wednesdays, the 1st and/or 3rd week of each month so your order can be available for enjoying during the weekend.

Choose the package that represent you best:

Your benefits as a Cafetoria subscriber:

Save time by allowing our coffees to reach you on a scheduled basis selected by you.
Choose the most convenient shipping option.
We reward your engagement to us by offering better deals!

Subscription FAQ

You choose one of the above Subscription package that you would like to join. You can define the frequency and coffee amount that will be shipped to you for a specific period of time.  That’s all! You will expect coffees to arrive to you periodically.

We will be shipping a nice and tasty coffee which may be part of our standard portfolio or are coffees offered as limited edition. You can choose a “preferred roast level” for your coffee which we will try to meet. Anyway, we promise to give you coffees within an acceptable roasting range that will please you. This is because our light roast is still well roasted without any astringency. Our dark roast coffees are still preserving the inherent flavours of the bean and some people may consider as medium roast.

Pre-paid method requires you to pay, at once, the total amount of coffee that you have ordered even if not all of them are being shipped immediately. With our Subscription service, the amount deducted from your credit card will be only done for each shipment being sent to you. 

At this moment we are only using PickUp parcel by Posti. With more than 3000 pickup points distributed across all Finland you will always find a pickup point very near to you. Using Pickup points shipping solutions reduce considerable carbon emissions. 

Your coffees will be shipped on Wednesdays or latest Thursday. If you just join our subscription service the first orders will be shipped on the middle or at the end of each month.