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Summer is here and our Summer coffees too!

I am writing this post during a rainy Friday of a Finnish Spring! Anyway, the Sun was shining during early days and that was enough to get inspiration about the content of this post!
When thinking about Summer coffees, here at Cafetoria we think about bright coffees, light roasted, with sweet and vibrating aftertaste and fresh notes of fruits and berries. Thus, drinking a cup of a Summer coffee for us at Cafetoria would be like enjoying a cup of juice!  We know that some coffee drinkers do not like to find “weird flavours” on their cup but a cup of coffee that resembles COFFEE. If you are that type of coffee person, we have some interesting proposals for you at the bottom of this post.
For this Summer 2020 we encourage you to try the following refreshing coffees:

Kenyan coffees, compared to the Peruvian ones, have a more complex aftertaste. This subtle “explosive” aftertaste is what I always look for in the coffees. Kenyan coffees can be, however, a bit too complex for some people who would rather prefer a more approachable and “down-to-earth” coffee. Here is where our Peruvian coffee complements quite well the Kenyan. Both Peruvians cause on the consumer the same effect as a candy does for a child. They enchant the drinker with a more simple but addictive message of sweetness. So if you are looking for a coffee which you can drink several times per day, the Peruvians will do a good job.
Interestingly, the coffees listed above are from recognised coffee farms. Our Kenyan Karimikui AA placed 2nd at the Helsinki Coffee Festival 2017. Peru Perlamayo, from our Compadre Juan Heredia, placed 5th place at the 2019 Cup of Excellence (this coffee is from the same Finca but obviously not from the same lot, as otherwise we will certainly price it much more!) and, finally, Las Cortaderas placed 30th place at the 2018 Cup of Excellence. Unlike Perlamayo, this lot of Las Cortaderas belongs to the same lot used during competition.
Last, but not least, our Summer Wind is another beautiful coffee which we just launched some weeks ago. This blend was created with the idea of offering a fruity coffee yet balanced and with a subtle aftertaste. This nice medium roast coffee will delight you with its subtle flavours of berries, tangarine and milk chocolate. A pleasant summer coffee that will satisfy all demanding coffee drinkers!
And now, for the conservative ones ……
For our conservative coffee drinkers, we can suggest you some coffees with clear notes of chocolate: Gran Palomar light roast, House Blend and Rwanda Mahondo. Specially on the two first coffees, you will find nice notes of chocolate and pleasant sweetness!
Decafs coffees for this Summer? Yes we have!
Our organic decaf coffees, chemical-free, are becoming the favourites of all coffee drinkers who have chosen freedom to drink coffee anytime! We have two beautiful suggestions for Summer. First, our Ethiopia Sidamo will delight you with notes of flowers and cherries and will give you a sensation of drinking a nice cup of tea. If you want something more like coffee, our Decafe will be a nice, easy going coffee with notes of chocolate and a nice carob-like sweetness.

Some light roast coffees out there requires special grinding and preparation settings to get the best result. Our Summer coffees, however, perform very well with any kind of brewing tools. Some standard coffee machines such as MoccaMaster does a good job producing consistently good cups although due to high temperatures used, the fruity notes are not strongly present. And here is where those manual pourover methods can be so satisfying. For getting the vibrant after taste, try brewing it with Hario V60. We use a medium coarse grinding and 18g, 300g of hot water between 90C and 93C. In Aeropress you will also get a nice and smoother profile, though you will miss a bit the vibrant aftertaste.
Have a good Summer!
Juanca Oré / RoastMaster at Cafetoria