Ethiopia Genesis

Suklainen, pähkinäinen, luumuinen ja hunajaisen makea

The Genesis of coffee is Ethiopia. Is in this exotic country where coffee started to spread to all nations.  After making its way to Yemen and then to the Otoman empire, it was first introduced to Europe in the XVII century!

Our Ethiopia Genesis is a tribute to coffee and Ethiopia and to the sagacity of coffee lovers who spread the cup of this coffee through all nations. Although as a light roast, we could get some more fruity notes from this coffee, we decided to offer this coffee as a dark roasted in order to accentuate its particular chocolate notes combined with the typical berries and florals notes typical from Ethiopian coffees. All in all, our Ethiopia genesis is a nice coffee with a smooth character.

      • Tuottaja: Cooperatives
      • Sijainti: Yirgacheffe/Sidamo
      • Kahvipapu: Heirloom
      • Paahtoaste: Tumma
      • Sertifiointi: Luomu
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