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April 19, 2018

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The April edition of Bluewing mazagine talk about coffee and about what they consider coffee pioneers. We want to thanks the journalist Shelly Nyqvist to dedicate some part of the article about us!:
Helsinki: Latin Fusion
Ivan Ore and Mia Nikander-Ore’s “love-for-coffee” story began on a visit to Ore’s home country of Peru in 2001. An uncle, who was a coffee producer, suggested they buy green coffees from the local cooperative and sell to roasters in Finland. Instead Ore ended up roasting the beans himself.
In 2002 the Peruvian-Finnish couple opened Cafetoria roastery in Lohja, about 50 kilometers west of Helsinki’s Töölö. And that’s where the tale of two cultures comes together.
“Diversity is our calling card and what defines us. We embrace the Latino culture”, says Ore. “Coffee should serve the people so that’s why we roast the whole spectrum.”
How they think about coffee is also unique in the traditional “Finnish” sense. “We date to be different and break the rules”, says Nikander-Ore. “For example, we’ve introduced a high quality organic Robusta coffee, which is taboo in the industry because the bean is considered more bitter than its aromatic cousin Arabica bean.”

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