How we brewed our awarded filter coffee at HCF 2017

April 28, 2017

By admin


Two months before the Helsinki Coffee Festival we received an invitation from the organizers to participate in “The Coffee of the Year” competiton for the categories of “Best filter” and “Best espresso”. The invitation was offered to all Finnish coffee roasteries who joined the festival, in total 15 coffee roasteries. In this competition we did perform decently well achieving the 2nd place on the filter coffee category and 4th place on the espresso category!
As for the for the filter coffee we, Levi (Barista) and Iván (roaster) struggled a bit which coffee to choose from our assortment. We though first to submit our Beans & Roses which has an amazing complexity but finally we decided to use our Kenya Karimikui AA since we were recently obtaining extraordinary results thanks to Ivan’s never ending roasting optimizations.
Our Kenya Karimikui AA has really nice notes of red berries and Bubble gum, creamy and sticky and with a unique fermented acidity. Depending what temperature and brewing method is used, we could get notes of mature cherries of more delicate raspberries. In both, Hario V60 and Aeropress, we get really interesting fermented aftertaste. However, to balance a bit more we decided to use Chemex. With this  coffee maker we can make this coffee super clean and highlights the fruitiness and subtle acidity.
After the good feedbacks from the Festival event, we are happy to see that our roasting style and flavour philosophy is well appreciated by Finnish consumers.
Now we want to share with you our awarded Chemex recipe with Kenya Karimikui. We also recommend you to mix with ice (iced coffee) to get a very refreshing summer coffee drink.

Chemex recipe
45g Coffee
-Grind corser than filter coffee
-92c temp of the water

Prewetting with 100g water and wait 50sec. Then pour in spiral the water from outside to the center, drowning the coffee that can float and then stay in the center pouring water until you arrive to a total of 630g of water. Stop brewing at 4 to 4:30 min.
Baby Chemex recipe:
-23g coffee
-Same grind and temperature as earlier recipe
Repeat the process but in the prewetting you use 50g of water and wait 30 seconds. Use in total 340g of water. After 2 to 2:30 minutes your coffee should be ready.

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