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Here you will find a diverse coffee portafolio. We enjoy coffees roasted at different levels as long as the natural flavour profiles of the bean are expressed. Have a look also to our outstanding organic beans and decafs!

Single Origin

Cafiza® Espresso Machine Cleaner Powder is an important part of an effective daily maintenance routine for espresso machines.
We are proudly introducing coffees our fine microlots from Cuzco-Peru, the cradle of Inca civilization. This first edition will greatly surprise you because of its delicate and juicy sweetness and clean frutal notes.
12,00 16,00 
What captivated us about this coffee was its distinctive fragrances of berries and something quite amazing: tomato!
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These eco-friendly shopping bags are made of woven fabric (burlap), from the same coffee sacks used to transport our delicious Peruvian coffee Gran Palomar.