Be FREE with caffeine-free,
chemical-free decaf

We have the best decafs around!
Love coffee, resist caffeine


What is #Resistcaffeine

#RESISTCAFFEINE is about exercising the coffee lover’s freedom to drink great coffees anytime. By choosing great organic beans, natural & chemical-free decaffeination methods and, maximizing flavours with an artisan roasting process, we have achieved truly tasty decaf coffees comparable to those “great non-decaf coffees” out there. 

Join our movement for a good cup of coffee and FREEDOM!

Love coffee, resist caffeine!

You can trust in #Resistcaffeine

The wellbeing and satisfaction of our customers are very important to us. For this reason we work only with two water-based decaffeinated processes that are organic certified and committed to processing without chemicals: Swiss Water process and Mountain water. These environment-friendly processes are 99,9% caffeine free.

From the taste point of view, the use of only water, temperature, and time to gently remove caffeine, helps preserving all the coffee’s original characteristics. That’s why our terroir coffees such as from Honduras or Ethiopia will continue showing their inherent organoleptic properties proper from its region.



When to #Resistcaffeine?

Since we enjoy coffee, why should we be limited to drink it only at certain times or situations? You can enjoy our decafs during the night, while reading a book for example or during the day, when you feel that your caffeine level has topped. But you know what? Some of our customers consumes our decaf not because they are caffeine free but because they are so tasty!

Join us the #Resistcaffeine movement:

For the tastiest cup of coffee!

We treat decaf coffees with the same passion and consideration than we treat our other speciality coffees. This is why our decafs taste great! We will always continue looking for decafs with unique characteristics for your delight

For freedom!

We want you to exercise your rights to enjoy what you love with complete freedom and without limitations.

For a new mindset!

Stigmas about decaf has ebecome again a heavy coffee drinker!”

Decaffeination: How does it work?

The key for a water-based decaffeination process is a “coffee extract” made out of all soluble solids found in coffee except caffeine. Green coffee is immersed in this extract for several hours till there is no more than 0,1% of caffeine in the green coffee. Caffeine is removed from the extract solution through a carbon filter.


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