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Our courses are scheduled periodically at our premises at Aalto University. If you want to arrange private sessions for a group or for your colleagues, contact us via email!

Professional Courses

Prepare a delicious cup of coffee with this fancy Turquoise color. It comes in a nice packaging – so great for an nice looking gift.


For those interested in developing a career in coffee making, we are also offering courses certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Courses includes a combination of good theoretical and practical tests and exercises. The training center is located in the heart of the Aalto University campus. We could not be in a better place as we are surrounding by an atmosphere of innovation, knowledge and perpetual learning culture.

Meet Our Trainers

Ivan Ore

Founder, Coffee roaster, Barista trainer

“Here will be an inspirational quote about coffee!”

Iván Oré (Juanca) is from Perú and is one of the founders of Cafetoria. Here, he is responsible for developing our roasting and flavor philosophy. He is the 2007 Finnish Cup Taster Champion and represented Finland in the World Cup Tasting competition in Copenhagen. He is also the inventor of the 2-step pre-infusion, a process that increases the nuances and extraction in drip brewing methods. Iván is an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST) from the Specialty Coffee Association.

Levi is from Portugal and has been with us at Cafetoria for many years. He is our Barista chief, and you can see him in action at our Bar in Töölö making great espressos and manual brewing. He was the man behind the brewing our drink that ended up as the 2nd Best Filter Coffee at the Helsinki Coffee Festival in 2017. Levi is also a SCA Certified Barista- Professional level.

Levi Do Nascimiento

Barista and Brewmaster

“Here will be an inspirational quote about coffee!”