Wellbeing organic subscription

We are excited to start our coffee subscription with a package specially designed for organic coffee lovers!

We have nostalgic reasons to celebrate this subscription. Why? Because during 20 years, we have been fighting against the stereotype that organic coffee is bad. We demonstrated the opposite, and we are glad to see nowadays  many third wave coffee roasteries offering organic coffees in their portfolio. We do not only offer a wide diversity coffee of organic coffees just to satisfy the market. We do have such wide offering because we want to protect the nature in the coffee plantations as well as the wellbeing of the coffee producers. We believe that organic agriculture is the foundation of true sustainability in the coffee lands.

In our organic subscription, you will enjoy tasty organic coffees coming not only from our current portfolio but we will surprise you with out of the box microlots exclusively offered in this subscription.

What is organic coffee?

Put simply, organic coffee is made and produced without the use of synthetic fertilisers or pesticides. The farm’s fertiliser must be 100% organic; this could be chicken manure, coffee pulp, bocachi, or general compost. If fertilisers such as synthetic nitrogen, phosphate or potash are found, the coffee cannot be classed as organic.

And there’s the time element. All organic farming requires at least three years of cultivation using only natural fertilisers and pesticides, so that no chemicals come into contact with the plants at all. A sustainable crop rotation plan must be in place to prevent erosion, depletion of soil nutrients and to naturally control pests. This is why organic coffee also promotes reforestation and fauna preservation in the coffee lands!


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