Napoleon French roast

Dark chocolate, nuts,slightly smoky, honey. Sweet aftertaste with the perfect punch

We know what you are thinking: Extra-dark coffees can’t taste good, right? Well, this is not the case for our Napoleon. To go to the extra-dark level, you need to know how. We have identified and selected for Napoleon certain coffees that release some intriguing fragrances and sweetness on the very dark side.  That’s why our Napoleon French roast is so tasty that you can choose to drink just plain black whereas ,with milk, you will find a beautiful combination too! You do not believe us? Try it, compare and send us your comments!

  • Origin: Peru, Sumatra, Flores
  • Bean: 80% arabica, 20% robusta
  • Roast: Extra- Dark (French roast)
  • Certification: Organic


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