Mexico Altura

Dark chocolate, rye. Great creamy body with a subtle and lovely carob-like sweetness

If you are looking for a good decaf, nothing fancy but quite approachable and quite enjoyable to drink as plain black or with milk, then our Mexico Altura is the one you will most likely fell in love. This dark roast coffee captures the fragrant notes of the best Mexican coffees. It is so good that some of our customers buy it to invite their “non-decaf” guests. Very versatile coffee and as a bonus: this coffee is highly recommended for espresso and moka pot methods!

  • Origin: Mexico
  • Bean: 100% arabica. Washed process
  • Roast: Dark
  • Decaffeinated Method: Mountain Water process  (chemical free)
  • Certification: Organic

#RESISTCAFFEINE is our collection of decaffeinated coffees created for the coffee lover. By choosing great organic beans, natural& chemical-free decaffeination methods and maximizing flavour with an artisan roasting process we have achieved truly tasty decaf coffees. You are not alone anymore on your desire to drink coffee anytime. Love coffee, resist caffeine!

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