Dark chocolate, fruity and grape-like sweetness

We love the brightness and juiciness of Honduran coffees, so we decided that we should also offer a decaf coffee that transmits the soul of this country. We roast it dark so that we manage to calm down its acidity and get a very pleasant cup. Yet, like our Mexico Altura, this dark roast preserves the flavors of the bean. If you have enjoyed our Mexico Altura, you will enjoy this coffee as well. Both share similar characters but they differ on the flavour profiles.

  • Origin: Honduras
  • Bean: 100% arabica, washed
  • Roast: Dark
  • Decaffeinated Method: Swiss Water Process  (chemical free)
  • Certification: Organic

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#RESISTCAFFEINE is our collection of decaffeinated coffees created for the coffee lover. By choosing great organic beans, natural& chemical-free decaffeination methods and maximizing flavour with an artisan roasting process we have achieved truly tasty decaf coffees. You are not alone anymore on your desire to drink coffee anytime. Love coffee, resist caffeine!

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December 17, 2023

Paras kofeiiniton kahvi. Menee täysin mormaalikahvista, ihanaa kun teette tätä!

Minna Hämäläinen