Italian espresso

Espresso 7

Why 7 you ask? because we use 7 different beans including 3 high quality robustas and because 7 is the perfect number, right? Our target was to create a diplomatic coffee that is gentle, fits to any occasion and yet is intriguing and interesting. Our first version of Espresso 7 was launched in 2008 and since then it started our race to reach the perfect Italian espresso.

Espresso 7 is a true Italian espresso and part of VIVA ITALIA, our collection of Italian style espressos made of high quality coffees and roasted in Finland.

  • Origin: Brazil, Cameroon, India, Uganda, Rwanda, Nicaragua, Ivory coast
  • Bean: 70% arabica, 30% robusta
  • Roast: Dark

VIVA ITALIA  displays our appreciation and love of Italian style espresso and traditional coffee culture. Every coffee inside this collection is the result of inspirational coffee trips to different corners of Italy sipping different coffees, enjoying traditions and its culture. We always return to Finland carrying a bit of the Italian soul which we use as an important ingredient to continue developing our own vision of Italian espresso.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 17, 2023

This is without a doubt the best “Italian style” espresso in Finland! Admittedly there are some domestic and international challengers but Espresso 7 beats them year after year in my view. I actually use it for both espresso and AeroPress and get a beautiful crema with short shots, strong enough taste for latte and such taller ones.