Decaf lover – Subscription

We are delighted to offer this subscription package to all our coffee lovers who are incorporating decaffeinated coffees as a lifestyle. Our decaf coffees from our #RESISTCAFFEINE collection have been earning a huge popularity due to its delicious taste. Most of our customers that try our decafs tells that we provide the tastiest decafs in the market. What a huge compliment!

Save up to 20% by joining our subscription service!

Why our decafs taste so good?
Decaf coffees have been around for quite some time and they are mainly made out of conventional coffees and chemicals. Don’t expect tasty coffees where there is no love. In Cafetoria, we treat our decaf coffees with the same love and passion as we treat our standard speciality coffees. This means that in addition to skilfully roasting our decafs, we select high quality beans and partner with green coffee suppliers that apply water as solvent for the decaffeination.  Because we care about you and our Planet, we promote ONLY chemical-free decaffeinated coffees, mostly with organic certification. In Colombia, some decafs are prepared using a sugarcane method as a solvent. This is also a chemical-free method though may not include the organic certification. If you want only organic decafs, please write a NOTE about this during the checkout process. Our decafs are decaffeinated till at least 99.9% of its caffeine content has been removed.


#RESISTCAFFEINE is about exercising the coffee lover’s freedom to drink great coffees anytime. By choosing great organic beans, natural & chemical-free decaffeination methods and, maximizing flavours with an artisan roasting process, we have achieved truly tasty decaf coffees comparable to those “great non-decaf coffees” out there. Love coffee, resist caffeine!


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