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We have many stories to share with you!

Discover the world of coffee or enhance your skills in preparing and learning more about the perfect cup of coffee. With more than 15 years of collaborations with producers in the coffee plantations, actively participating in roasting and brewing we have many stories to share with you.

We offer amateur and professional level courses. Our courses are scheduled periodically. We also offer sessions for private groups and companies.

Become a SCA certified Barista!

Besides our standard courses we offer more specialised courses backed up by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA).

SCA is a global coffee community promoting speciality coffee through education and activites such as coffee competitions. As authorised barista trainers from the SCA we grant certifications on behalf of this important coffee association.

Currently we offer the following SCA modules:

Introduction to coffee 1

Introduction to Coffee

Through this course you will learn about coffee’s journey from its origin in Ethiopia to the major commodity it is today. From growing the cherries, through grading, roasting and brewing, this module provides an overview of the coffee value chain.

Barista skills 1

Barista Skills

The barista courses we offer are directed to professionals and coffee geeks who want to get the skills and knowledge required to produce the perfect espresso drinks.

We offer three barista skill levels of the Speciality Coffee Association:

Foundation Level

The foundation level is a great way to get inside into the world of the barista. This course is recommended for home baristas as well.

Intermediate Level

This level is suitable if you are already working on the coffee sector and have firm knowledge of the basic barista skills.

Advanced Level

The professional level is the last level of the Barista module. Between other things, we will explore unorthodox ways to achieve different expressions of a good espresso.