General Terms and Conditions  is a marketplace for Cafetoria roastery Oy (Y: 2484679-9). These terms and conditions apply to the trade relationship between Cafetoria roastery Oy and its customers. The services and products supplied by Cafetoria roastery Oy are also subject to the terms and conditions specified by the service provider concerned. Cafetoria roastery Oy is entitled to update these terms and conditions without prior notice. Orders are subject to the terms and conditions applicable at the time of ordering, which can be read from Cafetoria roastery Oy’s web site.

Cafetoria roastery Oy is not responsible for any damage caused by force majeure.  An overriding obstacle is the unforeseeable circumstance or change in circumstances beyond the control of Cafetoria roastery Oy. Cafetoria roastery is obliged to inform the customer of the force majeure without delay.

2. Customer and Privacy

Cafetoria roastery welcomes all private and business customers.  The trade relationship follows the applicable Finnish and EU legislation for consumer commerce, marketing and advertising. The commercial agreement between business customers and Cafetoria roastery Oy primarily follows these terms and conditions and the rest of the Finnish Commercial Code.

The customer is obligated to hand over the order when making his contact information containing the name, address, telephone number and email address of the consumer customer. The information required for business customers is the name, telephone number and email of the contact person, as well as the business ID, postal address, telephone number or numbers and, where applicable, the billing address.

Customer information is stored in the customer register of Cafetoria roastery Oy , where information is used to maintain customer relationship. Cafetoria roastery Oy has the right to process and disclose the information contained in the register for justified uses in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/99).

The Privacy Statement  is available at .

You may decline to use and process your information for marketing purposes and to check the information about yourself by contacting Cafetoria roastery Oy’s customer service.  may use cookies  to make the site more user-friendly. At  , the function of cookies is to facilitate, improve and speed up the experience of the chat. Cookies can also be used to provide better offers and more personalized product recommendations to the customer. The cookie is a small text file stored by the web server on the user’s hard drive. Part of may require the acceptance of cookies to work. The user’s web browser is likely to accept cookies with default defaults, but the user can also block cookies from browsing preferences or by deleting cookies from the browser when the service is used. For more information about browser-specific user manuals, see the browser manufacturer’s instructions.

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