> Coffee is so good and life is so short. Yes, I agree with you: we should have the right to drink a tasty cup of coffee ANYTIME! Don’t worry, you are not alone . More and more activist groups of coffee lovers are dropping stereotypes and joining our movement to fight for a good cup of coffee and FREEDOM _█

#RESISTCAFFEINE is about exercising the coffee lover’s freedom to drink great coffees anytime. By choosing great organic beans, natural & chemical-free decaffeination methods and, maximizing flavours with an artisan roasting process, we have achieved truly tasty decaf coffees comparable to those “great non-decaf coffees” out there. Love coffee, resist caffeine!

Why #Resistcaffeine?

Decaf coffees have been around for quite some time and they are mainly made of conventional coffees + chemicals. Don’t expect tasty coffees where there is no love. In Cafetoria, we treat our decaf coffees with the same love and passion as we treat our standard speciality coffees. Indeed, that’s why even we created a special name for our collection, #Resistcaffeine! Our decaf green beans have been treated with water or , in minor scale (Co2) as solvents for decaffeination and are certified as methods in compliance with the EU organic regulations.

When #Resistcaffeine?

Since we enjoy coffee, why should we be limited to drink it only at certain times or situations? You can enjoy our decafs during the night, while reading a book for example or during the day, when you feel that your caffeine level has topped. But you know what? Some of our customers consumes our decaf not because they are caffeine free but because they are so tasty!


Nice sweetness and fruity notes


Grape – like sweetness and chocolate tones


Carob-like sweetness and chocolate notes.


Rounded and floral notes. Like a great tea!

#Resistcaffeine according to Bloggers (Suomeksi):
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