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Muhondo washing station is owned is owned by Muhondo Coffee Company Ltd, and operate in Muhondo Sector, Gakenke District in Northern Province. The Washing station was built in 2006 by Terimbere Kawa yacu Cooperative but started to be fully operated by Muhondo Coffee Company in 2013.  The topography conditions that give a particular coffee profile and its uniqueness has greatly contributed for the coffee quality which led their coffee to win Rwanda Cup of Excellence at several occasions since last year 2014 as Presidential winner with a score of 91%   and become 3rd Place in 2015 with 89.89%. Muhondo washing station is one of the few places in Rwanda where coffee is dried on drying shelves. After sorting the coffee on the drying tables only the best qualities end up on the drying shelves. Protected from rain and direct sunlight, the coffee dries slower but gentler.

The coffee washing station is on a small scale but has tremendously impacted the local communities through youth and women employments, contribution to farmer’s income and community involvement through social project initiated such as farmer’s loan and clean water supply. 40% of the farmers working closely are women.



Blueberries, grapes, raisins, oak, creamy body, cola.

  • Origin: Mahondo washing station. Gayenke district. Northern Rwanda
  • Bean: Bourbon, Jackson. Sun dried. Natural process
  • Roast: Medium

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