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The distinctive one: octagonal design as a head-turner in the modern kitchen

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ECM Barista is the most accessible semi-professional machine from ECM. It has the same production capacity than other models from ECM and the quality of the drinks are also outstanding. Wondering why it is a bit cheaper than other ECM models then? Well, first the gruppo used on the Barista is the standard E61 gruppo (other ECM models use the ECM gruppo which has just some cosmetic improvements to the E61 gruppo). Also, with Barista, it is not possible to change the boiler pressure and brewing pressure from outside. You would need to open the machine to make those adjustments…. but hey, most of the users do not play with those parameters!


  • Heavy, solid E61 brew group
  • Cooper boiler (2.1 l)
  • Easy access to the water tank due to removable cup warming tray
  • 2 ergonomic ECM portafilters with weight-balanced shape and angled grip
  • Vibrating pump
  • 1200 W power

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Weight 23.5 kg
Dimensions 42.5 × 33 × 40 cm


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