Gingerbread – Piparkakku gelato

Cinnamon, Ginger , Cardamom, Clove

Our signature Gingerbread (Piparkakku) gelato emerged from a series of trials in October, where we were captivated by the delightful cookie dough texture we achieved. This discovery not only allowed us to recreate the same texture in future cookie-inspired recipes but also led us to the creation of the Gingerbread gelato. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Christmas treat, the Gingerbread cookie (Piparkakku), we successfully replicated its rich flavor and satisfying texture in our gelato. The final results exceeded our expectations, leaving everyone who tastes our Piparkakku gelato amazed at how faithfully we captured the essence of this beloved snack.

As our Piparkakku gelato encapsulates the true flavors of Christmas, it serves as a delightful and refreshing addition to any festive table, creating moments of joy shared with loved ones. Moreover, it proves to be an ideal dessert for those peaceful office coffee breaks in the lead-up to Christmas. Packaged in a recyclable container designed to protect against melting, our Gingerbread gelato offers a convenient and eco-friendly treat. Each Gelato container contains 1000g, perfect for serving 4-8 persons.

How to order:

Our Piparkakku gelato is exclusively available for pick-up. Select either our Töölö or Aalto University locations as convenient pick-up points. The gelato will maintain its quality within the container for at least 1 hour. For optimal creaminess, if stored in the fridge (-18°C), we recommend removing the gelato 2 hours prior to consumption. If you anticipate longer transportation (> 2 hours), opt for the SUPER FROZEN option, ensuring your gelato is delivered to you at -18°C. Your order of our Piparkakku will be ready within 2 working days. For immediate pick-up, we recommend visiting one of our two locations and inquiring about its availability. Indulge in the delightful experience of our authentic Italian Gelato!


About Gelatoria

The flavor philosophy of Cafetoria is expanding outside the coffee world, to the exciting crafting of authentic Italian gelato! Our new gelateria is called, you guessed it right, Gelatoria! We will explain more about the origins of Gelatoria, why and how it started, via Gelatoria’s website (under development). For now we could tell you that Gelatoria’s activity started on May. Our Gelato lab is located at our site at Aalto University and the person responsible of developing the flavours and processed of our Gelatos is no more than our Coffee Roaster, Ivan.

The flavor philosophy of Cafetoria is extending beyond the realm of coffee to the exhilarating creation of authentic Italian gelato! Welcome to our new gelateria, appropiately named Gelatoria! More details about Gelatoria’s origins, its inception, and the story behind it will be shared on Gelatoria’s website (currently under development). As a sneak peek, Gelatoria officially commenced its operations in May. Situated at our Aalto University site, our Gelato lab is helmed by none other than our Coffee Roaster, Ivan, who takes charge of developing the flavors and processes for our Gelatos (Instagram:



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