Berries, bergamot, floral

We have finally found a clean, elegant, and approachable washed Ethiopian coffee that we’re excited to share with you. This coffee is characterized by a lovely creaminess and a gentle aftertaste that’s sure to please. This Ethiopia works excellently well for both filter and espressos (try for example a high dose of 20g approx and shorter brewing time).

The coffee comes from the Shantawene washing station, which is managed by two brothers, Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo. The brothers began by helping their neighbors cultivate coffee and demonstrating the potential for coffee growth in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. Today, the Dukamo family manages three farms and 42 washing stations, working with over 2500 coffee producers. The farm and washing station are located in the Sidama region, just 10km from Daye, amidst natural forests that include 200-year-old native trees.

We invite you to try this exceptional coffee and discover for yourself the rich flavors and fascinating backstory behind its production. It’s a testament to the passion and hard work of the Dukamo family and the potential of Ethiopian coffee.

      • Tuottaja: Dukamo family
      • Sijainti: Bensa-Sidama, Ethiopia.  2100 masl
      • Kahvipapu: Heirloom, washed
      • Paahtoaste: Medium
      • Packaging: Packaged in our premium box




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