El Descanso farm – Catch of the Day

Forest berries, caramel, floral

We’re excited to announce the second release in our Catch of the Day (COD) series, featuring a beautiful Colombian coffee from the Guadalupe district in Huila. Only 30kg of this exceptional coffee were available, making it a truly special and limited edition COD.

“Descanso” means in Spanish a “place of resting”. This farm, owned by Jose Heider Contreras, is where this coffee was sourced. Jose’s parents were coffee producers and instilled in him a deep respect for the land and the cultivation of coffee. His dedication and hard work paid off in 2015 when his coffee earned an honorific 11th place in the Cup of Excellence. On his 7-hectare farm, 4 hectares are devoted to the cultivation of specialty coffees, including Caturra, Castillo, and Pink Bourbon varieties.

We’ve tried many anaerobic Colombia coffees, and while they are often aromatic, they can be challenging to drink. However, this Colombian coffee is different. Its red fruit aromas are captivating, and the coffee is easy to drink, with a vibrant flavor and a satisfying mouthfeel. We invite you to try this exceptional coffee and savor its unique qualities before it’s gone.

      • Tuottaja: Jose Heider Contreras
      • Sijainti: Guadalupe, Huila- Colombia, 1600 masl
      • Kahvipapu: Bourbon. Natural – anerobic
      • Paahtoaste: Medium
      • Packaging: Packaged in our premium box




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