Familia Ruiz

Lavender, strawberry, figs

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Due to the exceptionally rare type of coffee we are roasting this coffee on a certain schedules. This coffee will be roasted on 08.03. Pre-order this coffee and enjoy 10% discount on the price. In addition to the discount you will receive a extremely fresh roasted coffee!

For nearly one hundred years the Ruiz family has been growing and processing some of the finest coffee in Panama. The family has earned an excellent reputation in the coffee world and is well known for quality, consistency and a willingness to test new grounds in processing.

This mouth-watering coffee comes from one of the farms they work with. The farm only grows the Paché varietal, a varietal rarely found in Panama and was originally discovered in Guatemala. The plant is compact with medium yield and delivers a smooth cup. Processed with the natural method to accentuate its body, we found a complex, exquisite and balanced coffee. A true gem of Panama that we have the privilege of having it with us.

Weight: 250g

  • Origin: , Boquete-Chiriqui. Panama. 1500-1600 masl
  • Bean: 100% Pache varietal. Natural process.
  • Roast: Medium roast



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