Githembe AA

red currant, carob syrup, Bosc pear, San Marzano tomato
We continue with the tradition of introducing you to our always fantastic light roasted Kenyan AAs. This new one is not an exception. What captivated us about this coffee was its distinctive fragrances of berries and something quite amazing: tomato! Tomato is a flavour term not so rarely used when describing some Kenyan coffees that release heavy and dense flavours of dried red berries. However, the tomato flavours released by this Githembe AA are more fruity, citric, sweet and complex, more like Italian Marzano tomatoes which is subtle and tasty.
Amount: 250g
  • Origin: Kiambu, Kenya, 1600-1800 masl
  • Bean: SL28, SL34 , Ruiru 11, hand-pulped and washed
  • Roast: Light


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