Gatina AA

Cranberries, caramel nougat candy, lime

Locating high-quality Kenya AA beans has become increasingly challenging during the past years. The once-vibrant and juicy notes that characterize these beans are now elusive. This trend mirrors what has occurred in other coffee-producing regions, such as Colombia, where precious varietals have been supplanted by heartier, rust-resistant alternatives that lack the depth and vibrancy of their predecessors.

This year, our quest to find a remarkable Kenyan coffee seemed almost futile until we stumbled upon Kenya Gatina AA. What sets this coffee apart is its clean taste and intriguing flavor notes. While it may not match the intensity and juiciness of Kenyan beans from the past, it compensates with an enhanced mouthfeel, resulting in a coffee that’s both easy to drink and wonderfully complex. The Kenya Gatina AA is a refreshing discovery, offering a different but equally rewarding coffee experience.

  • Origin: Nyeri, Kenya, 1800-2050 masl
  • Bean: SL28, SL34 , Ruiru, Batian. Washed process.
  • Roast: Light
  • Weight: 250g
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