Hilario Ccori

Golden berries, cacao nibs, grapefruit-like acidity
This exciting coffee is grown by Hilario Ccori from Cuzco. This is a medium roasted coffee and we have found that this coffee tastes incredible as espresso or filter. In both methods you will find a fruity cup of coffee with a lively grape-fruit like acidity. As espresso we recommend a fast brewing time, around 20 seconds to get a nice sweetness with balanced sourness and lively acidity. III
  • Origin: Paucartambo, Cuzco-Peru, 2000 masl
  • Bean: Typica, Bourbon, washed
  • Roast: Medium

About Hilario Ccori:

Hilario’s coffees capture the particular taste of coffees from Cuzco. We visited his farm in Paucartambo, Peru and found his farm located in a hilly terrain at 2000 meters above sea level, next to the Mapacho river. We appreciate Hilario’s efforts to grow the natural types of coffee varietals: Typica and Bourbon, which are disappearing due to climate change. Hilario’s coffee captures the rich flavours of coffees from Cuzco and we want to continue cooperating with him for years to come.

When we met him in January ’22 we understood the problems he’s facing to further improve the quality of his coffee. Thanks to you, and if all goes as expected, we will donate a drying plant so he can dry his coffees slowly, from 4 days to 15 days. A much slower drying process will contribute to a better quality coffee and better prices for him.

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