Hario V60 – Special edition bundle

In a world saturated with various brewing tool options, the intricate design and unparalleled complexity of the V60 set it apart. That’s why Hario V60 is our favourite method used in our coffee bars. We are pairing the Special edition of Hario V60 with our Brazil Sao Silvestre beans. The carefully selected beans, processed using the innovative carbonic maceration method, elevate the flavor profile to new heights. This bundle also includes a package of V60 paper filters (100 sheets).

Hario V60 coffee dripper, manufactured by japanese firm Arita, is widely used worldwide at many homes and Cafés.  Thanks to the large opening in the bottom of the filter, the brewing time can be controlled using the degree of coffee grind and the infusion technique. The V60 Coffee Dripper is suitable for users who prefer a clear aroma profile with a bright and complex aftertaste.

The Comandante Grinder ensures that each coffee bean is ground to perfection. Whether you’re an espresso enthusiast or a pour-over purist, the Comandante Grinder offers unparalleled grind consistency and control. For this grinder we couldn’t have a better idea than paired with our coffee from Panama, Familia Ruiz, a beautiful natural process coffee from Chiriqui region.


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