Ethiopia Sidamo – #ResistCaffeine

Ethiopia is the native land of coffee and some of the most complex coffees are grown in this country, specially in the Sidamo region. That’s why when we found a beautiful decaf coffee from this region we needed to include it for our decaf coffee lovers. This great coffee is quite complex, delicate and with a tea-like presence that suits to any occasion. It could potentially become your favourite late night drink!


Floral notes, biscuits, chocolate. Delicate aftertaste.

  • Origin: Ethiopia –  Sidamo
  • Bean: 100% arabica. Washed process
  • Roast: Medium
  • Decaffeinated Method: CO2 process  (chemical free)
  • Certification: Organic

#RESISTCAFFEINE is our collection of decaffeinated coffees created for the coffee lover. By choosing great organic beans, natural& chemical-free decaffeination methods and maximizing flavour with an artisan roasting process we have achieved truly tasty decaf coffees. You are not alone anymore on your desire to drink coffee anytime. Love coffee, resist caffeine!

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