Espresso Flores

Rich cacao, hazelnut, amaretto

Espresso Flores represent the old traditional espresso still standing in Southern Italy, in places such as Naples and Sicily. Do not be intimidated by a 100% robusta. This espresso contains high quality robusta beans carefully selected and polished from Flores Island, Indonesia. Our roasting approach to this bean extract the great flavours and aromas of this coffee with a slightly and pleasant bittersweet aftertaste.

Espresso Flores is a true Italian espresso and part of VIVA ITALIA, our collection of Italian style espressos made of high quality coffees and roasted in Finland.

  • Origin: Flores Island, Indonesia
  • Bean: 100% robusta
  • Roast: Dark
  • Certification: Organic

VIVA ITALIA  displays our appreciation and love to Italian style espressos and to traditional coffee culture. Every coffee inside this collection is the result of inspirational coffee trips to the different corners of Italy sipping different coffees, enjoying traditions and its culture. We always return to Finland carrying something of the Italian soul which we use as an important ingredient to continue developing  our own proposals of Italian espressos.

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