ECM Classika PID

Classika PID is a single boiler over-dimensioned with features available commonly on professional machines: PID display and adjustable brewing pressure. Having the control of brewing pressure and temperature will give you some tools for exploring new ways of extracting great shots. Being a single boiler is also an advantage for people who prefer a practical machine that warms up quickly, does not occupy much space and make its work. Available only on request. Delivery time within 2-3 weeks.

Our classic in a timeless stainless steel design – with PID control 

  • PID display for the individual adjustment of the boiler temperature and the display of the brewing time for your espresso
  • Short heat up phase
  • Elaborately manufactured stainless steel body
  • High-end ECM brew group with innovative stainless steel bell
  • Premium-quality stainless steel boiler
  • Easy access to the expansion valve for an individual brew pressure adjustment

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