Cafetoria shopping bag

These eco-friendly shopping bags are made of woven fabric (burlap), from the same coffee sacks used to transport our delicious Peruvian coffee Gran Palomar.
The sacks are purchased in Lima-Peru by our coffee friends, the producers of Gran Palomar. Each sack is stamped with our logo and roastery information and later on filled up with 69kg of raw coffee. We still have good memories when, In the early years of our cooperation with the producers, since they did not have much knowledge about exportation, we used to buy ourselves the sacks in the Capital and transport them by bus to the jungles. It is nice to see how well our Gran Palomar producers have progressed so far to the point that our cooperation is now sustainable.
The use of yute sacks is pretty common in the coffee market. Besides being a natural packaging for bulk, it helps protecting the raw sack from moisture. Our jute sacks with the raw coffee is then placed in a container and shipped by sea from Callao Port, arriving to the port of Helsinki after 30 days approximately. After Custom clearance, the container is carried out to our roastery in Lohja. This is one of the most special days of the year in Cafetoria since this event symbolises HOPE: the start of a new cycle in our coffee company and the Grace given to us for being one more year doing what we love: making coffee.



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