Wouldn't be great to enjoy the best coffees at work?

Tell it to your boss!CAFETORIA GOES OFFICE

Once you get coffees from Cafetoria , your office environment will not be the same! Besides enjoying the wide variety of specialty coffees, you will become part of a community that value Planet Earth and appreciate the efforts of our smallholder farmers.

With our service for offices you have access to:

+ Fresh, Hand-roasted coffees. 
+ Access to awarded coffees. We have a big portfolio of organic coffees
+ SINGLE origins and different roast levels
+ coffee equipments
+ Corporate gifts



Enjoy easily great coffees at special discounts while doing good to our Planet! “Cafetoria goes office” is a service for offices of any size and Coffee Fan groups, people with passion for good coffee.

Rules for a successful business

#1: Build a great working atmosphere

#2: Make inspiration and new ideas to flow

#3: Do good while helping others

FREE SHIPPING for orders above 69e! You can also pick up your order from our Coffee bars:
Töölö, Otaniemi, Lohja