Our values

Our company values came naturally to existence since the moment we took that beautiful cup of coffee from producers that were trying to find a better future. They have ruled our way we roast, brew and deal with customers.
Our Mission

We hand-roast beautiful coffees that inspire people’s life and create a more sustainable World

Our dream

We dream and work for a Coffee world where each amazing bean, grown by caring and loving hands, finds its place in people’s heart and bless their growers.

Our values, our treasures
  • People

We put people first. Even if creating the  perfect cup of coffee is our goal, we think that by respecting and creating a family- like approach to people, our consumers, workers and producers, we achieve a truly sustainable cycle. Coffee is a great vehicle to make wonderful things to happen. 

  • Being Natural is way better

Our planet Earth waits in eager our manifestation to take care of it. We dream of an organic, chemical-free, Non GMO-World and that’s why we promote the growing of natural coffee varieties, organically certified. We rejoice ourselves of offering in a portafolio coffees with more than 50% organic certified coffees. 

  • We value the bean

Each quality bean have its own story that we love to hear. Those stories are so inspirational that drive our coffee journey to find the best roasting and brewing recipe that replicate the same experience to our customers.


- First Finnish member of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe
- Finnish Cup taster Champion (achieved by Ivan Ore, our coffee roaster), 2007
- Best Enterprise in Lohja, 2011
- Second place at coffee competition arranged by SCAE Finland, 2012
- Top 10, most profitable food company in Helsinki (Kauppalehti), 2015
- Second place at the "Filter Coffee of the Year", Helsinki Coffee Festival, 2017
- Second place at the "Filter Coffee of the Year", Helsinki Coffee Festival, 2019
- Second place at the "Filter Coffee of the Year", Helsinki Coffee Festival, 2020
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