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    Gran Palomar is a speciality coffee that comes all the way from the Andes of Peru.  The rounded body and complex sweet taste of this coffee has conquered the hearts of many finns. This coffee has a gentle, rounded body and in the aroma you can sense the notes of chocolate, almond, honey and peanut.Organic / Fairtrade

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    Sumatra Batak is a medium roasted speciality coffee. In this coffee you can sense the fruity flavour of plums, cherries and dark chocolate. Organic

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    DeCafe is a light-roasted decaffeinated organic coffee. Its known for its full-bodiednutty flavour and its sweet juicy acidity. The caffeine is removed with water, in which way all the natural flavours of the coffee remain in the coffee.

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    Mexico Altura is a smooth creamy chocolate and hazelnut-flavored decaffeinated coffee. Caffeine is removed from the water, in which case a full-bodied coffee flavor remains unchanged. 

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    This a special micro lot of Gran Palomar from only five selected small estate farms. In this coffee you can taste the sweet aroma of honey and almond, that is followed by a juicy and bight acidity.The roasting level just a bit lighter than our normal medium roast.Organic / 100% Caturra variety

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    In the unique flavour of Kenya Karimikui you can enjoy the flavor of red plums, which are accompanied by the juicyness of apricots. The mouthfeel is satisfying from the first touch to the end and in the aftertaste there is a touch of lemo zest. Light roast

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    Beans N' Roses combines in an interesting way the sweet acidity and the flavour notes of Jasmine and roses in one single cup of coffee. In this blend you can enjoy sweet fruity flavours and at the same time feel the mysterious spiciness along with the notes of Jasmine and roses. This unique combination has been made by mixing some diverse coffees with...

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