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    Gran Palomar is a speciality coffee cultivated by smallfarmers in the traditional method of the Incas in the Andes of Peru. This unique coffee has a gentle body and in it you can taste the tones of chocolate, hazelnut and amaretto. Fair trade / Organic / Direct trade

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    Sumatra Batak is a medium roasted speciality coffee. In this coffee you can sense the fruity flavour of plums, cherries and dark chocolate. Organic

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    In the unique flavour of Kenya Karimikui you can enjoy the flavor of red plums, which are accompanied by the juicyness of apricots. The mouthfeel is satisfying from the first touch to the end and in the aftertaste there is a touch of lemo zest. Light roast

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    Malawi AA (organic) grows in Northern Malawi in hills of Misuku and Phoka at about 1700-2000masl, where small scale farmers cultivate it in a ecological way. The coffee is then fully washed and sundried. Our Malawi is roasted just dark enough to give it a very smooth and creamish mouthfeel while also allowing you to taste the sweet flavour of cherries and...

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    Try some of our greatest filter coffees in sampling bags of 100g each coffee. Perfect gift for the coffee lover too!

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