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    Gran Palomar is a speciality coffee that comes all the way from the Andes of Peru.  The rounded body and complex sweet taste of this coffee has conquered the hearts of many finns. This coffee has a gentle, rounded body and in the aroma you can sense the notes of chocolate, almond, honey and peanut.Organic / Fairtrade

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  • 7,90 €

    A single origin espresso from Peru, with a bold and clear character that doesn't hinder its outstanding characteristics: plentiful taste of chocolate and a nutty aroma, high acidity and an amazing sweetness that has hints of marzipan. 100% ArabicaOrganic / Fairtrade

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    Mexico Altura is a smooth creamy chocolate and hazelnut-flavored decaffeinated coffee. Caffeine is removed from the water, in which case a full-bodied coffee flavor remains unchanged. 

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    Sumatra Batak is a medium roasted speciality coffee. In this coffee you can sense the fruity flavour of plums, cherries and dark chocolate. Organic

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    499,00 € 545,00 €
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    Cafetoria now offers 1L 1883 de Philibert Routin syrups with a wide selection of flavours allowing home consumers and restaurantes/cafes to create a wide selection of delicious cold and hot drinks.

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