Every coffee roastery would like to produce the best coffees. But since the roasting process is an art by itself, right?, then what is good is very subjective. It's a matter of personality, cultural tastes, prioritizacion and so on.

Across all these years of roasting thousands of kilos of coffees we have built a roasting philosophy where we put people and our own belief on the highest priority. This means that we do not strict to any particular roasting level. Sure, in most of the cases the bean's peak flavour is at the light roast spectrum but you can find nice sweetness and a more balanced cup on the dark side as well. That's what we mean when we talk about the "different expressions" of the the perfect cup. We also do not close ourselves to certain bean types but we are open to arĂ¡bica and robusta types of coffees. As long as they are delicious, why to say no to that coffee!

Coming from different multi-cultural background we understand that different nuances of coffee has power to bring up positive memories from other times and other traditions. We want our coffees to release its perfumed aromas, its natural sweetness, complex nuances, well developed  acidity with a fruity aftertaste while avoiding the presence of astringency (dry like taste) and bitterness.

Fortunately our coffees have earned a recognized preferences on our Finnish and non-Finnish customers and we are happy to continue working for exciting them with new proposals!