We do not only roast delicious coffees but we also enrich our offerings with coffee related equipments. We are direct importers of some of the best coffee equipments out there. We have carefully selected them according to the cup quality that they they produce and the emphasis that they put on the design and features. All equipments can be delivered to you with suitable training in your own premises so you will be familiar with the machine immediately!

Barista training program

Should you need any help to improve your Barista skills and improve the cup quality in your place, we invite you to contact us and ask about our Barista training program. 

Technical support

Since 2006 we have established our own technical department inside our company to deal with technical support of our equipments. Our coffee machines are intended to last for many years and with suitable maintenance they will certainly live for unlimited time! Yet, in case of any abnormal incident we will act in shortest time possible to minimize the service
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Coffee Brewers

A good cup of coffee is about extracting the natural aromas and sweetness of the bean. It is a about temperature stability, good water-to-coffee contact and flexibility to fine tune the extraction according to different types of bean. The brewing equipments from Marco beverage have earn worldwide recognition on achiving that perfect cup that you need to bring to your customers. We offer equipments for different production demands. You can get also from us different manual brewing tools such as Chemex, Aeropress, Hario to offer on demand drinks to your customers.

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Espresso machines

We are distributers of Sanremo espresso machines for the professional market. This company located in Treviso-Italy offers a wide range of espresso machines for different demands. They are extremely reliable, long lasting and with a great visual impact that lift the surroundings in any coffee place. Sanremo is recognized for its dedication on using the right technology to produces the best cup of coffee and work closely with coffee experts around the world (such as ex World Barista Champions) on the design of future equipments. Check its catalog and contact us! 

For small Cafés and prosumers, we offer the whole range of semi-professional machines from ECM manufacture. These beautiful machines are specially needed in environments with limited spaces and do not require water plumbing.
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There are many attributes that makes a coffee grinder  to give you a well extracted beverage and a pleasant experience in your daily operations. We are proud distributers of Compak and Mahlkonig grinders. Both brands of grinders have earned a prestigue in manufacting excellent grinders and you will not disappoint. We offer espresso, filter and shop grinders.

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Barista accessories

From Cafetoria you can get a large collection of accessories for the daily operations and coffee drink preparations such as tampers, cleaning tools and many other fancy things. If you do not have much experience we can also guide you on choosing the tools that you would need in your Café. You can have a look to many of our barista accessories in our eshop.