Untitled 115 years anniversary

This Tuesday 05.12 Cafetoria will be 15 years old! We want to share with you our joy on having been working on the speciality coffee sector for so many years. It is sometimes difficult for us to believe that this baby is so old already. It is still fresh in our memory the time when we decided to support a small group of Peruvian smallholders producers by introducing their coffee Gran Palomar to Finland. At that time it was certainly a crazy idea. Who would buy an “expensive” coffee when a cheaper one is offered by big players? Things are different now and we are glad to having contributed with the development of this market.

During this 15 years we have witnessed the evolution of the speciality coffee market. Some companies have grown exponentially, others are not with us anymore and others acquired by big  players. As for us, we remain a family-owned coffee roastery who simply want to make great coffees and share it with people. 

As the coffee market becomes more competitive, it is important for us to keep creativity and uniqueness in everything we do. This is why have described ourselves as an “Independent coffee roastery”. This is not only about being financially independent but also about independence of ideas and consciousness, being originals and follow our own way. We are sure that this same spirit is exactly what motivated Finns to become a independent country 100 years ago!

To all our customers, we want to thank you for including Cafetoria as a little part of your life and making it possible that to celebrate this 15th anniversary. 

Muchos saludos,

Mia & Ivan