A fresh and authentic proposal of great coffees and tasty and healthy food!

We are proud to announce the opening of our Coffee Bar in Kamppi! Our coffee bar proposes a small shelter for coffee lovers to have quick and easy access to some of the best coffees in Finland thanks to our location in Kamppi, few meters from the Kamppi shopping center, bus station and the metro station. Our bar's design is warm and inspired in our Latin roots so as to receives visitors with a warm welcome. The bar itslef was built with mosaics from Sevilla and natural solid oak that resembles those small bars from Cuba or Colombia. 

The Bar
Despite the small size of our Café, our bar has been designed to produce great cup of coffees. For this purpose, we count on well trained Baristas, brewing tools, coffee equipments and, of course, with our excellent assortment of coffees. For brewing our tasty filter coffees we are relying on Marco, a world class manufacturer of filter machines for the speciality coffee sector. For the espresso part, our bar is equipped with the latest model of Sanremo, the Racer Renegade. This fabulous machine includes 2 boilers for each gruppo for maximum temperature stability. The Racer also offers time based pre-infusion which allow us to fine tune the sensory profile of our espressos, allowing us to play with different intensity levels of sweetness and mouthfeel. About manual brewing methods, we offer great single origin coffees which can be brewed just for you. To match the type of coffee that you prefer you have the option to choose between Hario, Chemex and Aeropress. We are offering superb coffees such as our Kenya Karimikui, which occupied the 2nd place in the “Best Coffee of the Year” at the Helsinki Coffee Festival 2017. 

If you feel like biting something while sipping our coffees we offer homemade snacks such as our famous polenta cake, paninis and green smoothies. We also offer healthy and tasty pastries from small local artisan bakeries such as Eebba’s Raw&More who provide us her delicious raw cakes or from Olipa kerran konditoria that provide us with tasty gluten free and vegan pastries.

The Cupping room
Our cupping room will hold periodical cupping sessions and courses for the home Baristas and coffee fans. “We have created this little area in Helsinki to educate people and fascinate consumers about the amazing experience that coffee can deliver when is well cultivated, well roasted and well brewed. We are doing all these while at the same time introducing our roasting philosophy” says Iván Oré, the Coffee Roaster at Cafetoria roastery Oy. Besides periodical coffee sessions, the Cupping room has been designed to arrange private sessions for a group. So feel free to contact us if you want to spend a nice time sipping some coffees with your friends of colleagues!

The Coffee shop 
Next to our bar, separated by the cupping room, at the other side of the bar is located a big coffee shelf displaying our collection of fresh roasted coffees coming directly from our coffee roastery in Lohja. We will be able to showcase all our coffee assortments which includes also a wide variety of organic coffees. As importers and distributers of coffee equipments and accessories we have enriched our coffee shelf with many accessories for the home and professional baristas. Some of our coffee machines and grinders will be also displayed so you could "see as it is" and ask us questions. You can collect your equipments in our shop at Töölö or order it via our internet shop: 

While paying high importance to the organic movement is one of our priorities, our most important priority is the quality of coffees. Our new Café in Kamppi will help us in spreading the coffee culture in Finland with a message of quality and ethical trade! 

Cafetoria - Coffee Bar & Shop
Salomonkatu 5. 00100 Helsinki
Timetable: Ma-Fri 10:30-18:00, Sat 11:00-16:00